How will i know salsa is bad

Salsa is a popular Italian and Spanish sauce and it is found in many restaurant and departmental store. Different types of Salsa can be cooked. In English-speaking countries typically mentions to the sauces typical of Mexican cuisine recognized as salsas picante, chiefly those used as dips. It is mainly tomato based sauce but in it many contents are mixed like onions, beans, chilies, corn, and various spices. This sauce is typically ranging and piquant, from mild to very hot. For making the Salsa; vinegar and pickled peppers may use. Salsa is found in plastic bag or can in United State and Canada.
Storing Salsa is very important and it is necessary keep it proper manner. Otherwise, salsa can form bad. If Salsa is stored in a jar, then it may last longer for 1 to 2 months. If the jar is opened, then it may remain fresh for 1 to 2 weeks. Homemade Salsa does not remain ok more than 5 to 6 days. Do not eat rotten Salsa what is harmful for health. Always eat fresh Salsa if it is stored properly. If color of Salsa is changed and taste is not good like fresh, then Salsa is spoiled. Odor of salsa also changes if it spoiled.

How to use whatsapp in laptop

WhatsApp is a popular chatting tool and this application is mainly developed for portable devices like smartphone and table PC. This application is not developed for the laptop or desktop computer. However, many users of laptop and desktop want to use WhatsApp application on the computer as if they can chat with buddy while they work. WhatsApp is not available for Windows or any other desktop computer. If you apply a tool, you can use the application in the Windows computer and Mac OS devices. BlueStack is a free application and this application is developed for Windows and Mac OS. You can download the Bluestack from the site
After installation the application BlueStack in the computer, you need to download the WhatsApp application for the Android devices. You need to download the .APK file of WhatsApps or you can download the WhatsApp application from Google play store and install it. The BlueStack is an emulator and this application helps to run any android application in the computer. Now you need to register in the WhatsApp if you do not have the account in the WhatsApp application. If you have an account, then login to the account and you can use WhatsApp application without any problem.

How to unlock huawei ec315 dongle

Huawei is a popular brand and many people use mobile phone from this brand. Huawei has different types of devices what are important for us and some devices are not available for few countries. That is why, some people bring those devices from different countries and unlock the devices. Huawei ec315 dongle is a popular device and it is not available for operators and countries. That is why, unlocking the Huawei ec315 dongle is necessary before use it. In this article, we will learn the way of unlocking the Huawei ec315. Before unlocking the device, the application FWT Configuration and firmware is necessary to download. Download the FWT Configuration tool from the site You have download the firmware installing application from the site and download the firmware update from the site
You have to install the FWT Configuration tool and firmware. You need to update the device first if possible. The applications are designed for Windows computer. It takes few minutes to install. Now update the firmware. Now you have to change the setting from the device. Now you need to use generated the SPC code. If your dongle is not spotted by firmware update file or FWT configuration tool, then it is drivers problem. You should try again. You can watch the video

How to update whatsapp in nokia lumia 510

Once Nokia was popular for Java and Symbian but those have some limitations but when Nokia joined in the Android industry, it becomes popular more than earlier. Nokia Lumia 510 is one of the standard phone what is used Android. This device uses many smart applications like WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a popular chatting tool and it is very widely used chatting tool. For Android and iOS devices. WhatsApp is available for Android and it can be downloaded as APK file separately from and it can be installed in Android devices.
If you want to install WhatsApp in Nokia Lumia 510 or update it, then you need to download the application as APK file and install it. It will take short time to install. Once it is installed, then you can chat. However, if you failed to update the file, you need to check the install method what is set for the Android device. By default, you are not permitted to install any APK file from different sources. You are eligible only setup from Google Play Store. However, it is possible to enable the process of installation from the settings. When you have done this, you can easily install and use WhatsApp.

How to use jio sim in 3g phone

Jio is a popular mobile operator in India and its SIM is called Jio SIM. This mobile operator provides 3G connection along with 2G connection. It has 4G connection. Jio SIM can be used in all smart phones and you may need to change some settings if any device does not support the Jio SIM. However, 4G connection SIM can be used in 3G device and you have to setup the device properly for running the connection for your device. If your device is developed with Mediatek chipset, you can start the process. By the CPU-Z application, you can know the information of the device. Now active 3G Jio sim and download & install MTK Engineering Mode app in your 3G mobile device. This Application will let you to run an advanced Settings from the Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones, which is also named SERVICE MODE.
Run the installed app, or dial your mobile device specific code for Engineering Mode. Click on the MTK Settings and Select Preferred Network Selection and select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode and you can save it. Now turn it off and on your mobile device. Once you did the above steps, Shutdown the device. Put your Reliance Jio 4G sim in 1st Slot and keep the 2nd Slot empty. Switch on the device and then you will see Jio sim network. Holla!! Within 10 minutes you will get the Jio network but you will not get the 4G speed still, you will get 3G speed.

How to use mtk engineering app

MKT engineering app is developed for Android devices and it is possible to download from the Google Play store. Once you have install the application in your smartphone or tablet PC. It works only MediaTek based Phones. It is suggested if you do not know how to use this application. Many customers do not like to use. If you do not know how to install this application then you can watch the video from YouTube In the video, you will get proper instruction of installation of the MKT engineering app.
You can use the video to know how to use this application. It is recommended not to try to use this application if you do not know how to use this application. In YouTube, you will get more instruction related with this application MKT engineering. If you make any mistake with the device or your application, you may face trouble.
You are recommended to use videos if you do not know any expert who knows how to use the application. If you do not understand how to use this application. You should skip the using of the application. I think that you have understood and know well how to use it.

How to upgrade android on lenovo s6000

Lenovo was popular for computer and laptop but later Lenovo has brought up smartphone in the mobile industry. As Lenovo is a popular brand, many people started to buy and use this smartphone. Lenovo also brought table or Tab for the users. Lenovo S6000 is one of the popular released product from Lenovo industry. However, without upgradation any device, you will not get best output from the device and if the operating system (Android) of the Lenovo upgrades and you need to use the device securely and properly, you should install firewire.
Now question is how to upgrade Android on Lenovo S6000. It is very easy to upgrade Lenovo S6000 and that is why, you need to go to settings and go to About tablet. Now tap on the System updates. If your device is connected with Internet and after tapping on the System updates, the program will be started to update. If no updated is released for your device, then the device will show “Your system is the latest version”. If any problem occurs during the upgradation process, then you need to consult with the customer care of Lenovo and it provides very easy method for communication. You can visit forums of Lenovo before contacting with customer care.

How to use atm card

However, now ATM car is a popular method of withdrawing money and it is not a new method for many people and country. In modern countries, using ATM is very old process. It is not very difficult issue to get an ATM from a bank. With the opening a bank account, the customer of the bank gets the ATM card. Many banks provide debit ATM card and some banks gives credit card. However, customer can select the card what he needs to use. As it is new for many people, so many people do not know how to use the ATM card. It is very easy process.
Once you have got your ATM card, you need to access a ATM booth of the bank and you will get a running machine what you need to use for withdrawing money using the ATM card. You will get a place where you have to insert the ATM card. When you put the card and after reading the card, you are asked to submit a secret PIN what you have already. You have to use the number by pressing key button and in the next step, you need to give the amount what you want to withdraw. After giving the amount, you need to request and you will get the money as cash.

How to unlock i467 with unlock code

Samsung is a popular computer what builds different devices and Samsung i467 is one of the popular device from Samsung. The company locks many features for specific counties and if the user wants to use the device with all features, then unlocking the device i467 is necessary. You have to know the code NETWORK=12345678 PROVIDER=38767696 SUBPROVIDER=56927319 DEFREEZE=79485738 EXTRA=00000000. Now you need to insert a running SIM in the device and turn the phone. Now you have to put the code for unlocking the device and the device. Now you have to put the code from the below codes NETWORK also known as NCK – The main Network unlocking code PROVIDER also known as SPCK – A Service Provider Unlocking code SUBPROVIDER also known as SCK – A Sub Provider Unlocking code DEFREEZE also known as MCK or FREEZE – Is an unfreeze code.
If you are asked networking code, you have to use NCK or if you are asked service provider code, then you need to type SPCK code. However, for typing the wrong code, the device will not be damaged. However, if the device is freeze, then restart the device and try again. You can watch the video and learn the way of unlock the device.

How to use sb admin template

Bootstrap is a popular framework and web developers know how easy to use this framework. It is very easier to create a website and solve the problem. With the Bootstrap, it is possible to build a admin theme and SB Admin theme is a popular plugin and it is developed with JQuery integration. This plugin extends power of the Bootstrap theme. Currently, this plugin is available as update version as SB admin 2. From the site, it is possible to download this plugin. Once you have integrated this plugin and you can integrate the plugin with your theme.
For integration, the JQuery plugin with the theme, you need to know programs of web development. You need to follow the instruction of plugin installation and it is not a difficult process for the web developers. For integration, this plugin with your site, you have to follow different ways. You can use below process.
First, Install node.j
When node.js is setupopen cmd and install npm
Now, Install bower cd to workspace directory (in cmd)
Install Start Bootstrap – SB Admin 2, in cmd type: bower install startbootstrap-sb-admin-2
If “bower_components” directory was created – Start Bootstrap was installed!
Download template from here (download button)
Unpack all directories omitting bower_components directory to workspace
Open index.html and enjoy SB Admin.