How to use a power amplifier circuit work with pc

How to use a power amplifier circuit work with PC? Yes, it is possible to use a power amplifier circuit for computer but you have to go through a difficult process what many people do not like. You can use a car amplifier for subwoofer.
A car amplifier is to receive its voltage from a 12-volt DC source and it is possible from the car battery. Generally, households’ electric appliances use approximately 120 volts AC. So, you can understand that there are two problems 12v vs 120v. The main problem is that you need to use 12v and not 120v. This is the only problem it will not too hard to solve. However, there is another real problem what is that you need to use DC power instead of AC. So, you have to use a simple transformer, like a cheap laptop charger that supplies 12v DC. I think, we can start work.
First you need to know how many amps your amplifier needs. Once you have the information, you can go further. You will get the information online or checking the fuses on your amp. Preferably you would want to surpass the amperage on the fuse so that you are not continually working the CPS too hard. This is the one I used, its valued at 24 amps for the 12v output.
Now find the pinouts of a CPS. Once it is located, you want to find the pin that says something like “PS_ON” or “PS_OK”, typically located on the “Main Power Connector” plug. The wire will be green but I have seen a few that have been purple or other dissimilar colors. Once you have found the right wire, connect it to any of the black ground wires. Make sure that it allows the CPS to turn on correctly. So, once you have linked these two cables, try to turn on your CPS and it should run.
The orange cable typically supply 3.3v and the red wires typically supply the 5v source, both in DC voltage of course. If you are using the CPS to power your amplifier, then trim all the orange and red cables. KEEP the Yellow and Black cables, those are used to supply the voltage and ground the amplifier. Once down, group all the yellow and black collected distinctly. I used zip ties so they were not a mess.
When the device is running this high of voltage, just one or a few wires are going to the amp may work inordinate at first but it will lead to difficulties. Think about the wire that’s used to link the amplifier to your car battery, those wires are thick. It is not only a fire danger but also retains the voltage current more open and sets less stress on the amplifier by cabling them all composed.
You bridge a wire from the 12v source on your amp to the “REM” or “REMOTE” terminal on your amplifier. This bridge lets the amplifier to run. So, link the 12v, ground and REM wires to your amp and it should be decent to turn on. Don’t connect with the subwoofer. Lastly, connect your amplifier to the subwoofer but you need to see how to attach it to your stereo. It almost all cases, your home stereo receiver will put out 8ohm signal and your amplifier will need a 4ohm signal. This problem can be easily resolved by using the speaker level efforts on your car amplifier. Just attach both channels of the speaker level inputs on your amplifier to just one pair of stations on the back of your receiver. This splits one 8ohm sign into two even 4ohm indications for your amplifier. Now try.