How to unlock huawei ec315 dongle

Huawei is a popular brand and many people use mobile phone from this brand. Huawei has different types of devices what are important for us and some devices are not available for few countries. That is why, some people bring those devices from different countries and unlock the devices. Huawei ec315 dongle is a popular device and it is not available for operators and countries. That is why, unlocking the Huawei ec315 dongle is necessary before use it. In this article, we will learn the way of unlocking the Huawei ec315. Before unlocking the device, the application FWT Configuration and firmware is necessary to download. Download the FWT Configuration tool from the site You have download the firmware installing application from the site and download the firmware update from the site
You have to install the FWT Configuration tool and firmware. You need to update the device first if possible. The applications are designed for Windows computer. It takes few minutes to install. Now update the firmware. Now you have to change the setting from the device. Now you need to use generated the SPC code. If your dongle is not spotted by firmware update file or FWT configuration tool, then it is drivers problem. You should try again. You can watch the video