How to unblock yourself on facebook hack

Facebook is a highly secured social networking site and as it is a popular social networking site, hackers are active to attack on this site. If you try to hack the Facebook account and Facebook authority can identify you and your Facebook account, then they will block the account and take all necessary steps against you. You may face legal problem. However, once your Facebook account is blocked by the Facebook authority, you cannot unblock Facebook again. Permanently, you will lose your Facebook account.
If your account is hacked and used it for unsocial activities but Facebook blocked it, then you can apply to unblock the account. If you provide all important documents and proof of your account hacking, the authority from Facebook may let you back your Facebook account what you can access like before. You may need to apply to Facebook and wait to get back the account if they do not give you back the account, you may take legal action and apply again. Otherwise, you have to open the account again.
If someone blocks you in the Facebook to access his Facebook account, then you cannot unblock yourself. You have to request her to unblock you to add you in the Facebook and let you access.