How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

iPhone is the great production from the Apple. Many people like to use iPhone and it supports more comfortably with the Apple devices and applications. Transferring images from PC is not very easy without application. You have to setup iTunes application for getting more featured and you will get the iTunes application in the for free. You can download 3rd party applications for transferring any files from iPhone to computer. Many iPhone users do not know how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. It is very easy and for transferring images from iPhone to computer, you do not need to use any application like iTunes. Once you have connected the iPhone to computer, you will get notification from the iPhone to trust the computer or not, you have to click on the trust button and you can access your photos from the iPhone drive and copy those images from the iPhone to computer. The iPhone works like a drive. If you do not accept the site as trusted, you cannot access the photos from the drives.
You can transfer photos from iPad to computer in the same way. However, if you secure the device, no one can transfer images without your permission.