How to transfer money online in uco bank

UCO Bank gives e banking feature and it is very easy to transfer money from the bank to another bank. Banking system of UCO is a way of online. Customer of the UCO bank can transfer money mobile to mobile and it gives people comfort for transferring money easily. This online bank gives different features what makes the transection easy for people. For transferring money via this bank, it is necessary to open an account in the bank and to get the account it is necessary to submit some documents and within 48 hours, it is possible to open an account.
UCO Bank provides application for the smart phone and the user of the bank can access the account via the application. For accessing the account, the user needs to put the password in the application and the application lets you access the account. Now select the fund transfer and select the other bank where you want to transfer money. You can send different account in UCO bank. Now select Interbank Mobile Payment System and select Quick IMPS. You have to enter MPIN. Enter recipient mobile number, amount, MMID and press ok. The Screen of the mobile displays details arrived by user for validation. If details are right then press OK and user will see confirmation message on the mobile screen.