How to tell if someone is tracking your iphone

iPhone is a wonderful creation of Apple and this is really a smart phone what is easy to use. In this device, there are many built in applications what easy to use and give you wonderful experience. “Find My phone” is a nice tool. If you lost your phone, you can know where the phone is by the Find My phone application. If you use iPhone and someone knowns your iCloud password, he can trace you where you are. You can stop this feature from your phone or you can change the iCloud password and it is highly suggested.
You should check your iPhone and see how many applications you have installed and what for. If you find any suspicious application is running in your device, then know about the application and learn about it. Maybe the application is used for tracing you. In iPhone, it is not possible to install any device what may help to trace you. That is why, some people have tendency to use application for tracing you. However, you are tracing by government agency, then it is very difficult to say that you are tracked. If you feel that someone is following you, you should be careful.