How to speed up internet in mobile legends

Smartphone is not only a mobile phone and it is more than this when it is connected with internet. Internet connection will be in the mobile via Wi-Fi or via mobile connections. However, Wi-Fi is the best internet what you can add in your mobile phone at cheap price. However, Wi-Fi internet is also faster for the mobile phone and many people use internet in the mobile device for different purposes. It is found that many people play games like legend via Wi-Fi. Some applications share internet from the server and it happens for the online gaming. Because, many players play online games together and if the games become slower players will stop playing the game and they will lose gamers.
Legend gamer blamed that they find the game slow and they have applied different ways to make the game faster but they failed. It happens for many games and online applications. When those games and online applications gets many users, they cannot support then enough and you cannot make the application or game faster then. You can stop background applications from your device and if anyone is also using Wi-Fi, then the game does not run swiftly. You should confirm that you are getting full speed.