How to sleep on your back

Sleeping is the good process for making you relax and by this way, you can remain cool and you will get energy for working. If you do not get a good and comfortable place, you cannot sleep well. Clean sleep is necessary making you relax. Do not sleep on your belly and it is quite unhealthy. It is found from a research that sleeping on belly is a reason of different health problems and this posture of sleeping makes people impotent. Sleeping on back is the best method of sleeping and it is healthy. Sleeping on the right is healthier.
Some people have question how to sleep on your back and it is possible to sleep well if a comfortable bed is ready. Sleeping on you back as sited is possible but it is not comfortable. If you want to sleep and you need to make your bed ready. The bed should not be so hard or so soft. Make sure that the bed is clean and you lie on you back. Close your eyes and stop thinking anything. You can recite some religious verse what will helps you cool down. If you feel pain on you back for remaining in one posture for longer, you can sleep on right or left.