How to select names by birth dates

Many parents like to keep wonderful names for their babies and that is why, they use different methods for selecting names. Some parents select names by the birthdate and it happens in the Hindu religion. Many parents who are Hindu like to select the names according to birthdate. Actually, selecting names according to the birthday is Hindu culture and this practice happens in India and Nepal most. There is no specific meaning for keeping the name of the baby according to the date of the birth. There is no benefit also. However, Hindu parents do not keep the name and priest from the mandir keeps names. Sometimes, they give options to parents to keep names from specific area.
Hindu priest calculates the birthdate and time born of the baby as well as calculate some information, then offer a name to keep. There are some applications found online what you can use for calculation for finding the name according to the date of the birth. Many parents do not like to use those applications. Because they do not like to make any communication with the machine and they do not like to select name for their lovely baby from the machineries.