How to root redmi 2

Rooting a device is a way of empowering the device and rooting is possible in the device of Android. Redmi 2 is a mobile phone. Rooting the mobile Redmi 2 is possible without using PC and with PC. You can use any method you like. Before root the device, taking back up the device is necessary. If any device is rooted, the warranty for the device is invalid. So, you should know all these things before rooting.
As we are rooting the device without using PC, we need to download Redmi 2 file from the site Unzip the file and flash the device with the application. Your device will be rebooted and you will see SuperSu icon in the application tray. Now update the binary. After binary updated, you have to reboot the device again. Now your device is rooted.
Rooting the device with a computer is more difficult. You need to connect the device with the computer and you have to install more applications in the computer for ensuring the connection. If you want get back your device like before then you should install the firmware in the device and your device will be similar like before rooted the device.