How to remove henna

Many women and girls like to use Henna and in India content and Muslim regions, Henna is used most. It is a content of make up for girl and boys. Usually, henna users do not like to remove henna from the body parts but some people want to know how to remove henna. There are some simple and safe steps for removing henna from body. You may find ingredients in your kitchen or in your home. Blech is a common ingredient what you may apply on your body for removing henna. You can use bleach on cloth for removing henna stain. Mix of baking soda and Lemon is paste what you may use over henna for removing. You have to keep the paste on body or cloth for 10 minutes for removing stain of henna. Warm water is common thing what you can easily form. You have to put your hands or body part in the bowl of warm water and genteelly rub the body part, you will find your body part or cloths are free from henna. You can use also pure lemon juice for removing henna stain from the cloth or body part. Chlorine is not available in your home and you can apply this on the body part for removing henna from body.