How to remove followers on instagram

Very less people want to know how to remove followers on Instagram. Because everyone wants to increase the number of followers on Instagram and other search engines. Increasing number of follower for any site or profile is important thing. More follower means, more number of people like the site and profile. However, from the Instagram, you can remove the number of follower. For removing the follower from Instagram, you have to use Instagram application in your mobile phone or tablet PC. Now navigate the profile section of you from right corner and tap on the followers. You will get a list of followers. Now you have to select the follower whom you want to delete and you can block the user if you like. Now tap the Arrow icon from the top right of the followers’ profile screen. You can block the user. Tap “Yes I’m Sure” to confirm you want to block the user and click on the “Dismiss” button from the screen to finish the process.
You can add back to that user with the follower and this is why, you have to give the user that permission. You have to unblock the user and request the user to add you back. They will be your follower again.