How to reinforce rear cross member in a cj2a

You may not able to change rear cross member in a cj2a series. You should ask help from someone professional. Thus, you can reinforce rear cross. If you want to do this by yourself, you need to work hard and you have to have enough experience to do so. You have to have all necessary components for reinforce. You can order rear cross member with plate CJ2A from online store. You may buy all necessary components from local store. You may need to spend $90 for purchasing rear cross member with plate CJ2A. if you are not experienced, you should learn about it from YouTube. You will get proper instruction online.
You may join a forum related with the CJ2A and you can post your question there and you must get answer from experts. There are many forums and blogs available what you can use for your support. If you are completely new in this task, you will get enough guidance from those sites and you do not need to worry. It is the best idea if you give it to professional if you do not get necessary help from any site or forum. You can use Google for getting more instruction.