How to read literature like a professor

Reading literature like a professor is not very difficult but it needs lot of practice at home and read more and more. Once you will find you reading like a professor. There is a book named “How to read literature like a professor” and in this book, you will know how to read literature like a professor by reading the book. This book is written by Thomas C. Foster and it was published in 2003. This book was placed a New York Times bestseller. The book describes how to identify designs within literature and describes itself as “A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines. Katherine Mansfield’s short story is included in this book and short story is “The Garden Party,” as well as clarifications of symbolism found there.
The book is available in many online book stores. It is found in amazon and it is available in different formats in different prices. Hard cover book is sold at $26.99. You can buy thing after reading the preview of this book and it is not very difficult to get more information about this book. You should also read review of the readers to get idea about this book.