How to protect wordpress site from hackers

WordPress is very popular CMS and this CMS is important for web developer. Many renowned websites are developed on this CMS. Hackers want to hack WordPress sites. The WordPress hacking has already had momentous but there are some solutions and steps. So, by following those methods, it is possible to protect WordPress websites.
Enable Lockdown feature: This feature is built-in with WordPress and for genuine users this feature may make trouble if the user failed to provide correct login credential for login to his WordPress site. Many hackers attempt to hack the WP website by common password and Lockdown feature block the access. iThemes Security plugin what you can use for securing the WP site. This program block the IP address of hacker.
Enable 2-factor authentication: 2nd step verification option is possible to enable for your WP site and this feature is very strong for security. The WP Google Authenticator plugin helps to secure your WP website.
Login by email: This is another important feature what is perfect for your WP site and you can enable this feature for giving security for WP site. You need to install WP Email Login plugin for in the WP site and your WP is secured enough.
Rename WP login URL and make difficult password: You should change the login URL for your WP site and it helps to protect your WordPress site. Hackers use common login URL wp-login.php or wp-admin and common login credentials but if you make change those login URL and login credentials, your website is secured enough. By the iThemes Security plugin, you can make change of the URL of your website. You should use strong password and this is why, you can use a password generator.
Provide protection for the wp-admin directory: It is necessary to provide protection for the wp-admin directory. The wp-admin directory is very important thing for the WordPress website and if it remains insecure, it is possible that your website can be hacked and hacker can do lot of damage. AskApache Password Protect plugin is a perfect protection for securing wp-admin directory.
Use SSL to encrypt data and other: Using SSL to encrypt data is a good idea for securing the WP site. Encrypt free open source SSL certificate is an appropriate thing for securing the WP site. You should be careful when you add any user account. Force Strong Passwords is used for users to set a strong password.