How to open password protected rar file

RAR files are highly protected and it is difficult to open RAR file if it is protected by password. RAR is highly compressed file format what is encrypted. That is why, it is very difficult to crack the file or break the password of the file. There are many applications or tools available what are used for cracking and knowing the password of the RAR file. Some of those applications are shared for free and some applications are paid. You may try to use those applications for opening the RAR file and some people claimed that using those applications are easy but it may take long time to retrieve the password. It may happen after giving long time in this task, you may not get any success.
You can appoint a hacker but it is not a good way. You have to pay the hacker for giving work force but you may not get good result. You should not try to hack someone’s personal file. If you get the file from online, then you will get the password online. However, you may try to use some common password what you will get related site or you can use some common password.