How to open .boc files

In computer, you will get many files what have specific file type and those files do not run by any application. You have to use proper applications for running those files. Some files are developed for the operating systems and you cannot run those files by any application and you should not try to run those files with any problem. If you try to open any of the file by different applications, the file may break or corrupted. The .boc file is a file and you cannot run this file with any application. You should use a proper application for running the file.
The boc file extension is developed by the Easy Word Program. The boc file is created by the E-Press developer and you can open this file by the Microsoft Word under doc file. The Boc file will not be corrupted in this case. You need to double click on the file for opening the file and if the application is installed in the computer, the file will run. If the application is not installed in the computer, the file will not be opened. You should use recommended applications for opening the file and you can use Microsoft Word Viewer program for running this file.