How to minimize under eye puffiness

If you are old or tired or you work at night, so under eye puffiness are common thing for you. Due to lack of sleep, you may get this experience. If you do not clear eye puffiness, you cannot look fresh. You should try to remove this mark of stress and you can do this in luxuries Spa center but it is also possible to this in your home. There are some natural ingredients and those are cheap. You can use those things for removing the eye puffiness.
Potato is one of the necessary thing for cooking and it is available in most of the kitchen. You can use raw potato for removing eye puffiness. You have to cut the raw potato as slice and place the cutting raw potato on the eye. You should keep your eye close and put the sliced potato on your closed eyes. Now take rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
Milk is another necessary content what you can use for your puff eyes. You have dip cotton in milk and close your eyes. Now put the milk wet cotton on your eyes and take rest for 20 to 30 minutes. After half an hour, you will get nice eyes. Mix vitamin oil with water and dip cotton in the bowl and put the cotton on the eyes for half an hour. I am sure that you will get change of your eyes.
If you see your kitchen you may get Cucumber and this is a wonderful content for your puffiness eyes. This natural remedy is perfect thing for curing puffiness. Take a Cucumber and cut it in two light slice. Now put it on your eyes for 25 minutes and relax. You may need to do this step several days and you will get fresh look quick.
Chilled tea bag is a method of removing the puffiness eyes. You should dip the tea bag with cold water and keep it in refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Now keep bring the bag out and place it on your puffiness eyes for 25 to 30 minutes. You can use cold water and splash cold water on your eyes and slowly eye puffiness will remove.
Egg white is another natural content what you can use for removing eye puffiness. You just apply the egg white around your eyes and leave it for dry. When you feel it tighter, then remove it with water. You should wash your eyes.